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Our Programs



We CONNECT with homeless youth through various outlets, offering 

them crisis intervention, basic needs services, and temporary housing. This is the beginning of HOH services. We integrate specialized case management on a one on one basis with qualified staff person to analyze the best practices and services for homeless youth. Offer a safe place to stay for the night.

Street Outreach- Staff will go into various communities and local neighborhoods to meet homeless youth on their "turf" in their territory on their terms. Youth are given HOH information and an opportunity to receive our services for shelter ad other support, free of charge. We will also hand out care packages that may consists of personal hygiene items; condoms; feminine products; warm gloves/hats and scarves, and food coupons. HOH will never leave a youth without offering immediate crisis intervention and our information for future contact.

Intervention and Basic Service facility: This facility offers homeless youth the opportunity to take a shower, do their laundry; receive hot meals and case management services for medical and counseling referrals. If interested these young people will be assisted in our program as "priority placements, and go ahead of the list. The case management staff will introduce our services; make assessments, and referrals as needed. No one will be turned away; and no one will be coerced to do anything that is not conductive to their well being.



We SUPPORT youth by offering them a safe atmosphere conductive to healthy living and stability to make decisions that alter lifestyles and negative behaviors. Hearts of Hope, Inc. offers two programs for youth; Interim Housing and Independent housing. Each youth that resides in the homes will have mandatory life skills classes, individual and group meetings that will be required to attend.  

Interim Housing: helps youth learn how to stand on their own and be independent. An introduction into compassionate living gives them some insight in how to learn to love(care about) others, how to share space, understand their responsibilities and learning how to set priorities. They also learn how to take care of their space and themselves. House personnel will monitor youth and house activities. They also make suggestions to better improve the living arrangements.


We have several homes(Coming Soon):


Ambition House is for youth 18-21 years old, and this house is for our LGBTQ youth.


Desire House is for pregnant teens, and teen moms.


Aspiration House is for youth 15-17 years old.


Wish House is for youth 18-21 years old. 

Independent Living Housing: 

Plan House is for youth 18-25 years old, this house will help youth transition to independence, and onsite staff support.

Goal House is for youth 18-24 years old, rental assistance, independent living, offsite staff support.

We need your help... 

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We EQUIP youth with educational, job training, and a job to succeed and become reliable pillars in the community. We assist all youth with re-entry back into public schools, and assistance with GED class and testing. 

Education is one of our goals at Hearts of Hope. To help homeless youth receive the highest education possible. Hearts of Hope will Partner with Baltimore City Public Schools to help children receive and achieve their high school diploma. Students can sign up for tutoring to help with their learning process. We will also partner with Baltimore Community College for GED program assistance.

Employment will be the catalyst for our youth to become independent and self-sufficient. This will empower them to want more; to make life better for themselves and their families. Hearts of Hope will partner with local business throughout Baltimore City and general vicinity and various counties to aide our youth in obtaining gainful employment. We are interested in part time; OJT (on the job training) and paid internship opportunities, as we know you must "start somewhere" and we are committed to seeing our youth succeed.

IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS and need immediate assistance, please call 443-635-2306

For emergency or life threatening situation, dial 911. 

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