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Education & Employment

College Friends


One of Hearts of Hope, Inc goal is to help homeless youth receive the highest education possible. We will partner with Baltimore City schools to help children receive and achieve their high school diploma. Students can sign up for tutoring to help with their learning process. Baltimore Community college will be used for youth to participate in the GED program. 




Hearts of Hope, Inc. will partner with local business throughout Baltimore City and the general vicinity and various counties to aide our youth in obtaining gainful employment. We are interested in part time; OJT, and paid internship opportunities, as we know you must start "somewhere" and we are committed to seeing our youth succeed. This step will also be a catalyst for our youth to become independent and self-sufficient. This will empower them to want more; to make a better life for themselves and their families. We will be there to assist them in every endeavor that allows them freedom to become productive citizens. Youth will participate various hands on class to learn; resume writing, appropriate dress, how to have a positive interview, and completing a application and more. 

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