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Housing Programs

Intervention Program

& Basic Services

The Drop In Center is for youth ages 13-25. This is a overnight drop in facility. Homeless youth can have a safe place to sleep, use of the laundry room, hot meals and a place to shower. There is no pressure to participate in our program.

Temporary Housing 

Expectation House, Design House, and Day Dream House are short term, 30 day maximum stay. Our case management team works with courts systems, social services, and law enforcement to reunite youth with their families. Home monitors are 24 hours, they guide/assist youth with cleaning, cooking, planning, and basic skills. 

Interim Housing 

Our Interim homes: Ambition House, Desire House, Aspiration House, and our Wish House. The maximum stay in these house are 18-24 months. Youth will learn how to stand on their own and be independent. An introduction into compassionate living gives them some insight on how to learn to love (care about) others, how to share a space, understanding their responsibilities and learning how to set priorities. 

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Independent Housing 

Plan House and Goal House are the Independent Housing programs. Youth have 12-18 months in this housing program. Youth have the opportunity to live with other young adults. Youth are required to work, and to pay percent of their income in rent. Youth are required to cook and clean and sign up for general chores. They will furnish, decorate pay bills and share responsibilities with roommates. Youth will still have access to case managers. 

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